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Dr. Aboulfotouh in Giza Plateau 1997

Welcome to Benfotouh Architectonics

This site discusses the architectonic, numeric and astronomical designs of the Ben Pyramids of Egypt and the Ben structure of our Solar System, where Ben means, in the ancient Egyptian tongue, the pyramidal system of 24+4, and fotouh means the gate into new frontier. Thus, benfotouh means the gate into the domain in which one can understand the design of the pyramidal  system of 24+4 in our cosmos, and in ancient Egyptian ideological revelation, which is similar to the architectonic assembling of the ethereal structure of the like chromium atom from its basic numral systems: 1, 2, 3, and 4; i.e., (1*2*3*4)+(4); it is the system of the perfect number 28.

The Arhitectonic Encoding of Minor Lunar Standstill in Giza Plateau
Ben Pyramid in its Spherical Design Model
Dr. Aboulfotouh, SEAC Conference  2009

On the Quasi Circle of the Ancient Egyptians by. Hossam Aboulfotouh

In my paper that will appear in Vol. 12 No.1 of  MAA International Journal, in June 2012, I have referred to the construction of the quasi Egyptian circle, using four parabolic curves within the square of nine by nine units… read more>>

Quasi Egyptian Circle

The symbol of this site is the hieratic sign of number nine, where it is  the diameter of the ancient Egyptian basic circle. The site discusses as well the ancient Egyptian history and philosophy of sciences, in addition to theories and courses on housing, regional planning, city development, and community economic development.

Egyptian Numbers [Hieratic Numeral Figures]

Luxor 22 Jan 2015

Benfotouh Architectonics
is the gateway to the world of Ben Pyramids: Space-time or Latitude-identifiers. Learn with me how to design Ben pyramids that work for last, any where in the solar system

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